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golden friends ~ weekend of July 22nd, 2017

the sun is shining, the birds are singing sweetly . . . . . .  and we are going to enjoy every. last. second. of it. 😉   P.S.  we’ve added an air quality assessment to “JAKE’S BEST GUESS” due to smoke from the ongoing fires in surrounding areas. stay safe, wherever you may venture with your…

my dog’s rules #78 ~ on Words You’d Understand

my dog’s rules #78 . . . if I could speak to you in words you’d understand, I would tell you that I love you . . . everyday. 🙂

help for anxious pets ~ weekend of June 10th, 2017

with last night’s severe thunderstorm still fresh in some pet people’s minds, the Dog about Town asks you to please share what you do for your pets that are anxious during thunderstorms . . .  . . . Thank you for sharing. 🙂