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Tomorrow is Neighbour Day ~ weekend of June 18th, 2016

what are your plans for Calgary’s Neighbour Day tomorrow? you can probably guess what Jake thinks we’re doing . . . . . . Go4aWalk? 😉 “JAKE’S BEST GUESS” 4 WEATHER CONDITIONS THIS WEEKEND 4 CALGARY PET PHOTOGRAPHY people’s forecast: bring a hat and lots of water.  a mix of brightness, puffies, and wetness. doggy temperatures: bring lots of…

brain games for pets ~ Find It ~ Victoria Day long weekend of May 21st, 2016

we usually try to avoid major roads and highways during long weekends and with lots of rain forecast . . . . . . the “Find It” brain game you can play with your pets becomes an excellent option for some indoor fun. so what are some games that you play with your best friend? 🙂 “JAKE’S…

human vision vs dog vision ~ Calgary pet photography

there was a great deal of interest in our previous post on how dogs view their world. that got us thinking about how dogs see toys made specifically for them. *we used appropriate camera techniques and Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop to try (as closely as scientific knowledge allows 😉 ) to reproduce how a dog would see this scene….