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taking a deep breath of autumn

what glorious autumn days we’ve experienced in Calgary this year. the morning air has been crisp, the birds have been singing in the trees and Jake has been our enthusiastic companion on leisurely walks through the neighbourhood . . . it has been delightful taking deep breaths and filling our lungs with the marvellous scents of fall. 🙂

happy Thanksgiving ~ the Dog about Town ~ long weekend of October 11th, 2014

jake here… i like going for a walk. the outside is wonderfully smelly and i don’t get as hot and everything crunches under my feets. okay, bye. some of our favourite walking paths are filling up with the forgotten, fallen leaves of Autumn. this usually necessitates a more leisurely walking pace and allows Jake adequate time to…

Finding Comfort at the 2014 Blessing of the Animals

the 18th annual Blessing of the Animals was held this weekend at the Cathedral Church of the Redeemer in Calgary . . . it was comforting being around so many people that obviously care so much about their animal companions.