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Jake on Hot Days ~ weekend of August 18th, 2017

jake here… on really hot days like today i like to dream about when i was sleeping and i was on the cold, wet, crunchy, slippy stuff  like yesterday . . .  . . . only i can’t remember if that was yesterday or last week but that probably doesn’t matter because i like to live in the moment and it…

Jake on the “Hot Hot Hot”

 jake here . . .  when it’s really hot, hot, hot my paws can burn when I walk my people on sidewalks. they know this so they let me walk on the much cooler grass and we go out earlier. they also never leave me inside my “Go4aRide” thingy when it’s bright out and warm. on…

Happy Canada Day #150!!

happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Canada . . .  . . .  happy #150th birthday to you!! 😀