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19th Wedding Anniversary present GuesstTination ~ Hint #2

here’s another photograph and hint for our last GuessTination . . . . . . HINT:  you may only get forearms like this from decades of holding professional photographic equipment. 😉

19th Wedding Anniversary present GuesstTination ~ weekend of July, 18th 2015

thank you all for the warm wishes on our 19th wedding anniversary. 😀 after 19 years together it gets more difficult  to come up with show stopping anniversary presents but this year Erica really outdid herself.  try to guess what her gift to me was . . . . . . HINT:  this one is very…

what is this? ~ GuessTination answer ~ weekend of July 11th, 2015

it took less than 10 minutes for the correct answer to come in via our Facebook page for our, “what is this? ~ GuessTination” question this past Tuesday. the answer was a treat puzzle for dogs . . . . . .  a game that Jake still enjoys even though he figured it out pretty quickly. well done Katie B!…