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Alberta Veterinary Medical Association’s article on “Tick Prevention & Removal”

here is a useful article on “Tick Prevention & Removal“ by the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association  from their Alberta Animal Health Source website. jake here . . . here’s to a tick free season . . . . . .  for me and all my furry and  not-so-furry friends! ok, bye. 😉  

Jake on Dog Bed Ownership

jake here . . . it’s not about how many beds you have . . .  . . . but how high you can stack them, and not fall off. okay, bye. 😉  

UPDATED: Removing Sticky Gooey Stuff from Pet Fur

in our previous posts for removing sticky, gooey stuff (think of the stuff from poplar, fir or pine trees or just about anything else) from pet fur we asked several veterinarian clinics for advice and updated the information. *notable additions include NOT USING isopropyl alcohol, hand sanitizer and peanut butter because if your dog licks this stuff it may cause…