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when pigs fly ~ GuessTination Answer

last Sunday we asked if you knew what was coming to Calgary this weekend . . . . . . and Nancy B. correctly guessed that we were alluding to the 2016 Pet Expo at Spruce Meadows. congratulations Nancy B! *you may be asking yourself what a flying pig has to do with any of…

do you know what’s coming?

it’s that time again . . . . . . do you know what’s coming? 😉

me and my shadow ~ weekend of March 12th, 2016

jake here . . . i like my buddy because . . . . . .  he follows me everywhere i go and agrees with everything i say. okay, bye. 😉 photographed with the iPod Touch on day #1159 of our Go4aWalk? “JAKE’S BEST GUESS” 4 DOG WALKING CONDITIONS THIS WEEKEND IN CALGARY people’s forecast: bring a hat & jacket….