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what games do you play with your dog on a rainy day?

it began raining pretty early this morning in Calgary. our dog let us know at around 6 AM. which got us to thinking about things to do when the weather outside sucks . . . what indoor games would you play with your dog on a rainy Sunday? thanks!

the Dog about Town on pretending ~ Calgary Stampede weekend of July 4th, 2015

jake here… i like to let my people know when i don’t like something by licking my lips or looking away but sometimes i like to pretend that i don’t like something by giving them my whole shy routine . . . . . . then i got busted. ok, bye. 😉 loud, boisterous, unpredictable crowds are…

how the Dog about Town spends the hot weekend of June 27th, 2015

this weekend’s temperatures are forecast to be around 32ºC! the Dog about Town will be very choosy about how he’ll spend his time . . . . . . be careful out there. 🙂 “JAKE’S BEST GUESS” 4 DOG WALKING CONDITIONS THIS  WEEKEND IN  CALGARY people’s forecast:  bring a hat, sunscreen & water.  sunny, windy and…