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thank you Laurie ~ pretty picture Sunday ~ still life sweet peas

we love it when a client becomes a friend. some are so thoughtful that they come to their ordering session bearing gifts . . . . . . that we instantly know will become Evocative Impressions the moment we see them.  😉 thank you Laurie (of the Magnificent Seven) for a wonderfully relaxing Sunday afternoon. =:3

the Answer to Go4aWalk? GuessTination day #952 ~ weekend of August 22nd, 2015

the answer to where we went with Jake on day #952 of our Go4aWalk was Elbow Lake, in rugged Kananaskis Country, Alberta . . . . . .  the trail starts off pretty strenuously but once that’s over you are treated to some amazing vistas. 😀 congratulations to Dr. Jody (again), Kenny W. and Brent T! that Dr. Jody sure…

Go4aWalk? GuessTination day #952

any guesses as to where we went with Jake on day #952 of our Go4aWalk commitment? HINT:  this may not be an easy GuessTination if you don’t spend a LOT of time in the Canadian Rockies. good luck! 🙂