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the Animal Rescue Foundation ~ Calgary Pet Photography

volunteers donated their time to build a dog house to provide animals with shelter from the elements . . . to find out how you can support ARF and help with the issue of pet over-population on First Nations Reserves please visit

the Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) ~ Calgary Pet Photography

the Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) works to help reduce the pet over-population in First Nations communities. these animals are some of the well cared for pets that are receiving help from their community.

Evocative Photography presents . . . Nova’s. Precious. Day. ~ Calgary Pet Photographer

please meet Nova . . . He is a high content Arctic Wolfog and he is only 32 days old! It was hard to tell whose Precious. Day. it was, Nova’s or Georgina’s.  For Nova it was his first day experiencing his new home. this was filled with the brand new sights and smells of…