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Gizmo says “git yer Stampede on!” ~ weekend of July 8th, 2017

Gizmo says, “git yer Stampede on . . . . . . Yaahoooooo!” 😉 “JAKE’S BEST GUESS” 4 Calgary Dog Photography CONDITIONS THIS STAMPEDE WEEKEND people’s forecast: bring a cowboy hat & sunscreen.  HEAT WARNING in effect for both days with lots of sunshine. doggy temperatures: bring buckets of fresh water. highs +29 & +33 Celsius...

UPDATED: removing sticky gooey stuff from pet fur

in our previous post for removing sticky, gooey stuff (think of the stuff from poplar, fir or pine trees) from pet fur we recently asked several veterinarian clinics for advice and updated the information. notable additions include NOT USING isopropyl alcohol, hand sanitizer and peanut butter because if your dog licks this stuff it may cause problems.* *ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR...

why I love dogs . . . reason #128 ~ weekend of August 27th, 2016

when dogs run there is a special moment that only a camera can capture that happens in a fraction of a second. at that moment everything slows down and you can see their long, flowing fur, frozen in time . . . . . . like waves in the ocean or grass blown by the breeze on a...

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