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Impressions of Autumn ~ Fine Art Photography in the Canadian Rockies

Impressions of Autumn days grow shorter winds grow¬†cooler shadows grow longer colours grow warmer ~ ~ long after the leaves have fallen their scent embraces your nose the memory of them rises but still can tickle your toes ūüôā

thank you Laurie ~ pretty picture Sunday ~ still life sweet peas

we love it when a client becomes a friend. some are so¬†thoughtful¬†that they come to their ordering session bearing gifts . . . . . . that we instantly know will become Evocative Impressions¬†the moment we see them. ¬†ūüėČ thank you Laurie (of the¬†Magnificent Seven) for a wonderfully relaxing Sunday afternoon. =:3

the Dog about Town ~ Brush Me Edition ~ weekend of August 29th, 2015

since our My Dog‚Äôs Rules meme¬†on Sunday we‚Äôve received numerous awesome tips on how to cut down¬†on the amount of fur bunnies in our homes. here are just a few: the¬†Furminator,¬†professional grooming,¬†HEPA filter vacuums,¬†air blowers,¬†warm water baths, and Jake‚Äôs all time favourite . . . . . . ¬†special brushing. ūüôā ‚ÄúJAKE‚ÄôS BEST GUESS‚ÄĚ 4…