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. . . a boy & his dog ~ Calgary Pet Photography

just in case the boys feel left out . . . a boy and his dog is indeed a precious thing.  isn’t it cute how their heads are tilted.  this was not an accident.  as professional pet photographers, with a wedding and portrait background, we know how to capture natural moments . . . and…

. . . little fast movers (LFM) ~ Calgary Pet Photography

don’t you love the expression of sheer joy when Paris runs?  It never gets old. whether her guardian views this image today, or twenty years from now, it will always bring a smile to her face.  🙂

. . . another girl & her dog ~ Calgary Pet Photography

a girl & her dog . . .  a perfect combination . . . like chocolate & peanut butter.  you can’t imagine one without the other. People always comment about how much they love this image. the dog’s smile the wind in her hair how she is holding her boy close a perfect moment, captured…