Beagle Paws and Evocative Photography’s Warm Feelings Campaign ~ Calgary Pet Photographer

As part of our Warm Feelings Campaign we are featuring the rescue society Beagle Paws all this week.  If you think a beagle could the right dog for you please visit and consider adopting a beagle today.

Here are some interesting facts about Beagles taken from the Beagle Paws website:

An inside dog who requires lots of outside activity, house should have a fenced yard. A truly trustworthy friend can be found in him and he makes a great family pet as he is eager to romp and play.

He will adapt well to a home environment, but new owners should be aware of natural hunting instincts and should not let their beagle off leash in an unfenced area.

Height: 13 – 16 inches at shoulders
Weight: 18 – 30 lbs.
Colors: White, black, tan, red, lemon and blue mottle.
Coat: Short, dense and weatherproof.
Temperament: Gentle, lovable.
With Children: Yes, loves them.
With Pets: Very friendly with other dogs in his pack, might chase other small animal’s.

As pets, they require social contact and physical activity. The Beagle is a pack animal and loves the company of other dogs, if they can’t be around other dogs then people are the next best thing.

Through the Warm Feelings Campaign we wish to reduce the number of animals in foster care and shelters.  One of the ways we can do that is through photography.

We had the pleasure of providing Milo with his very own Evocative Photography EDP session.

Below are Milo’s details provided by Beagle Paws:

4 Years
Tri-Colour (Brown, Black and White)
Milo is a young, active guy.  He loves to go for walks, fetch and play tug of war – all day if he could.  He is looking for a home that will give lots of affection and the security he’s been looking for all these years.  Milo also does well with children and cats and is great for any home.
He comes pre-trained although does need a reminder sometimes as there are so many rules to remember!  He is currently on an imposed weight loss plan which he’s not too keen on but then, being that handsome does require some work!

He is a very handsome boy in need of a forever home.  If you are interested in meeting Milo please contact Beagle Paws at: or visit their website at