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see the magic in your own backyard ~ calgary pet photography

I must have walked by this tree dozens of times during my walks with Jake and although I noticed it’s beauty, I never truly saw it.  but put a camera in my hands and everything begins to take on a whole new meaning. photography is a marvelous way to see the magic in your own…

J. Cash Wilson as the Citizen Pet centrefold ~ Calgary Pet Photography

how does one get ready to photograph a billionaire philanthropist and his charming dog? as professional pet photographers we like to do our homework. we try to find out as much about the subject we’re going to photograph as possible and the kinds of photographic conditions we are walking in to . . . but…

guess where we went on day #100 of Go4aWalk? ~ part 5 ~ Calgary pet photography

the answer to the “Go4aWalk? GuessTination” (thanks to Lana P. for coming up with that! 🙂 ) was given almost simultaneously by two of our dedicated followers on Facebook . . . . . . on day #100 of Go4aWalk? we went to one of the two official off leash dog parks in Cochrane, Alberta….