adorable guide dogs in training ~ part 3 ~ Alberta guide dog photography

the care,

dedication & love

that goes into being a guide dog

puppy raiser was abundantly evident . . .

“as a professional pet photographer these are the kinds of strong images that evoke something in me . . .

these precious moments are what I live for . . .

the gentle touch, the mutual respect, the emotion, the level of trust . . .

the unconditional love,

it’s all here . . .

the enduring bond that forms between a dog and their human is . . . heartwarming.” ~ James

the class 🙂

this class was a farewell to the 3 puppies that were graduating,

heading off to Vancouver the very next morning and

beginning their advanced professional canine training program!

 “Puppy Raising is a 24 hour a day, 7 days per week, volunteer job. It is unlike any other form of volunteering. Puppies begin living with volunteers at about 7 weeks old until they are ready for advanced training at about 15 months of age.” ~ BC & AB Guide Dog Services ~ Raise a Puppy page

For more information about becoming a Puppy Raiser, please contact:

(British Columbia)
Linda Thornton
Local: 604-940-4504
Toll-free (Canada): 1-877-940-4504

Sandra Cramer
Local: (403) 616-3228
Toll-free (Alberta): 1-877-258-0819