adorable guide dogs in training ~ part 2 ~ Alberta guide dog photography


getting your puppy

to lay and wait for you

in a room full of puppies and people . . .

check out the laser focus in this dog’s eyes as he awaits his next instruction . . . I saw that level of attention so many times.

“My Friend”

I have a friend, she gave me sight,
And turned my darkness into light.

Guides my steps with human care,
Her eyes and life with me will share.

She taught me how blindness could be won,
Without the aid of light and sun.

And gave me confidence once more,
My lovely country to explore.

She asks so little, yet knows so much,
And will respond to my slightest touch.

God grant that we may always blend,
My faithful dog – my noble friend.

~ Violet Pick, O.C.M., Guide Dog User

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