adorable guide dogs in training ~ part 1 ~ Alberta guide dog photography

a week ago

James was invited to observe

the Alberta Guide Dogs service’s obedience class.

we didn’t know this beforehand, but he was to be their first guest ever at class!

one of the things that struck me immediately during the class was just how calm & obedient these specially bred puppies were . . .

now i knew they were supposed to be calm & obedient because they were going to be Guide Dogs one day,

but I had to keep reminding myself that these dogs were just puppies, all less than 2 years old!

on numerous occasions the puppies would just sit or lay down, patiently awaiting their next task . . .

. . . but their focus was always evident . . .

. . . even if they occasionally laid their head down to rest 😉

if you’re


there are many ways

you can help the Alberta Guide Dog Services . . .

please stay tuned, part 2 is coming up next!