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. . . Gary the BunBun at the Cochrane & Area Humane Society ~ Calgary Pet Photography

cleanliness is very important to a bunny.  watching Gary clean himself was so adorable and it never got boring.  🙂 Please click here to find out how you can adopt Gary from the Cochrane & Area Humane Society. Laurie, Cochrane & Area Humane Society’s volunteer expert bunny handler was a tremendous source of information about...

bunnies on time ~ Calgary pet photography

it’s always a treat when bunnies come into the studio because… well… they’re BUNNIES!  😉   bunnies evoke childhood memories of Beatrix Potter’s “the Tale of Peter Rabbit” and her exquisite watercolour illustrations. as with all pet photography patience is mandatory, especially with bunnies.  one of the secrets to creating the best pet photographs lies in how much patience a...

jake & bunnies ~ calgary studio pet photography

it sure was quiet in the studio . . . jake? where are you buddy? he’s over in the corner paying rapt attention to something looking over his shoulder we discover . . . he’s perusing the latest Citizen Pet magazine centrefold and yes, he is licking Gary the BunBun but he insists he’s reading...

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